What is social engineering and what dangers does it pose?

Social engineering is a set of measures aimed at achieving a set goal regarding the theft of information about employees, corporate secrets, obtaining authorization, etc.

Phishing Testing helps to significantly reduce hacker attacks. In order to familiarize and recognize the first signs of social engineering, companies conduct Awareness training. Enterprise employees should be aware of techniques that help fraudsters achieve their goals, as this promotes Security Awareness.

The main methods of fraudulent entry include:

  • non-technical;
  • semi-technical;
  • pseudo-technical.

These tools are mostly used by swindlers, intelligence agencies, hackers, and other interested parties.
Social engineering is classified as the most dangerous type of attack, since no defense against it has yet been invented. To minimize their consequences, it is necessary to train personnel to recognize them and report them in a timely manner.

Types of social engineering and why you need to know about it

The danger of this type of invasion lies in the presence of the human factor. It makes it possible to manipulate people using knowledge of psychology, which encourages the victim to enter into cooperation with the attacker.

In order to prevent attempts at social engineering and minimize their destructive activities, it is necessary to train company personnel, including management, in the working methods of such scammers. Successful intrusions are fraught with the loss of a company’s reputation, finances and the complete destruction of a well-functioning, working infrastructure.

CQR carries out the following types of social engineering attacks:

  • to a Wi-Fi network;
  • on social networks;
  • by e-mail;
  • physical attacks on devices and gadgets;
  • using application exploits.

As an addition to the main service, the client can receive:

  • detailed description of the company’s website;
  • detailed monitoring and clarification of the company’s main data;
  • cloud social engineering attack;
  • ways to avoid filtration;
  • own approach to this type of attack.

CQR will help protect your enterprise from intruders through the use of various social engineering methods. You will be provided with a progress report and trained to recognize the signs of this type of intrusion.