Buying a house in North Cyprus — where is the best place?

Nowadays foreign real estate is a priority for many non-residents — the geopolitical situation in the world forces us to search for ways to diversify assets.

Experienced investors have already decided to buy a house in Northern Cyprus, quickly assessing the risks of turning cash into candy wrappers against the backdrop of inflation.

A house in Northern Cyprus is becoming a popular asset in the investment portfolio of various foreign investors. The experts of Prime Pro Investment will help you choose the right profitable object, they will also be engaged in full support of the transaction until the foreigner receives the title to Cypriot real estate.

Buy a house in North Cyprus — the best locations

For a property to bring in good rental revenue or future resale income, it is important to navigate the local markets and constantly explore the prospects.

Many clients are budget driven. And here we recommend considering buying property in the following cities and regions of Cyprus:

● Famagusta is a well-known east coast, where the cost of housing in 2022 starts from 70 thousand EUR for a studio apartment;

● Nicosia is the business center of the republic with relatively stable real estate prices, where you can buy a house at a price tag of 450,000 EUR;

● Iskele is a favorite tourist area with prices from 72 thousand EUR for a studio apartment or from 180 thousand EUR for a private house;

● Kyrenia is a seaside city with luxurious villas and magnificent penthouses, where property prices start from 98,000 EUR for a studio apartment.

North Cyprus homes can be found on both the primary and resale markets, depending on your budget and personal preference. In any case, legal verification of the «purity» of the object is necessary, as well as assistance in paperwork and opening a bank account to pay for the purchase.

Is it possible to obtain citizenship by buying a house in Northern Cyprus?

Unfortunately, the citizenship by property investment program in Cyprus is no longer in operation. However, a house in Northern Cyprus will be an important plus when applying for a residence permit — in any case, you need an address of residence upon naturalization.

Representatives of Prime Pro Investment are ready to fully accompany you when investing in Cypriot real estate, as well as help with relocation and adaptation in the republic for permanent living. Those who consider a house or apartment as a profitable object for renting out will also be helped to choose the most beneficial options —